English High Frequency Words for ELLs
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English High Frequency Words for ELLs:

English high frequency words, also known as sight words, are simply words that students learn by sight instead of by sounding them out. They are the most commonly used words by ELLs.

Many of the words in this Oxford list are used frequently in newspapers, book, and online texts. The Oxford word list is helpful for English Language Learners because they can be customized to better fit the learning needs and goals of individuals.

Since the Oxford word lists can be referenced by either writing styles or grammatical methods, ELLs can better learn about English as an overall language.

Each word list can be separated into many categories:

  • Grade level
  • Gender
  • Indigenous speaker
  • English or Non-English speaking background
  • Residential location (does the student live in an urban, suburban or rural area)

It is very helpful to practice these words in small phrases.  Here is a link to a comprehensive list of high frequency word phrases to help you practice using them in real contexts.

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